Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises

Keeping it nice and simple, let’s talk about the stupid comparisons between The Dark Night Rises and Avengers..

First of all, the comparison itself is unjust to both movies. While TDKR is obviously more drama-oriented, Avengers is not. Avengers is an action flick, crossover ass-kicking event. That’s all. TDKR will probably be as good if not better than TDK and Avengers will be equally as good, having the criteria of goodness slightly different in both movies. If you had seen the previous Marvel movies, you can clearly see how different their approach is from Nolan’s Batman movies. Just enjoy the epicness you are bound to witness this summer.

Bottom line is, I honestly can’t wait for both movies and I’m sure I will be satisfied with both Whedon and Nolan’s work.

On a side note, I feel sorry for The Amazing Spider-Man being overshadowed by those two movies. I’m excited for that as well for I didn’t really like the first three movies and I think Garfield is a better Spider-Man than Maguire.